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Staying on the farm

Feeding grass to a calf by hand

The working farm of Waylands Farm completely surrounds Waylands Farm Cottages giving us all of the aestetic benefits of living on a farm but without the hard work.


The herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle, that normally live in the main field around us, have an insatiable appetite for grass whether it is fed by hand to a lone calf or grass clippings to the whole herd who are tuned into the sound of a petrol mower.


In addition to the herd of Aberdeen Angus, there are a number of flocks of sheep which provide lots of interest and entertainment around lambing time when it is fascinating to watch the lambs being born and then finding their feet.


Just a short walk away is a field of horses with a solitary stag deer who obviously hasn't looked in a mirror since he grew a fine set of antlers because he thinks that he is a horse.


Sunset at Waylands Farm

We are situated on the brow of a hill giving excellent views across the valley to fields of cattle, sheep and arable crops. The hills above St Austell, and those on Bodmin Moor, can be seen in the distance and provide a wonderful frame to the varied sunsets that we experience.


All the cottages have their own BBQ area and picnic benches, but please don't tell the Aberdeen Angus where the beefburgers come from.


Many guests comment on how peaceful it is away from busy town life, offering a chance to relax and to catch up on deserved sleep following an active day of holiday making.


Away from the street lights of the built up areas there are many more stars to be seen and the Milky Way can be seen cutting a wide swathe from horizon to horizon.